What are things required when modeling a miniature game ?

Do you love assembling model kits? Many models, usually plastic, metal and resins, come in box kits, which require skills in assembling them. All model kits require a diverse assembly approach to get the desired results: tabletop games like Infinity Code One, Age of Sigmar, Guild Ball amongst others. Either you are a novice or an expert, these are things you require when creating a miniature game.


When considering everything you need for miniature modelling, a vital tool needed is the availability of unique paints. It isn’t a difficult step, interested people can check YouTube videos and other platforms.

However, there are quality paints which can make your miniature games appealing though. You should get one that can dry quickly and reduce rust.


Miniature game materials require glue during or after you paint them. There are a few push-fit components, though. However, they do not count. If you are creating plastic miniatures, you will need an equivalent of plastic glue.

If you need a universal glue which works for plastic, metal and resin, you will find one. You will need to apply this glue to stick the components together.


This knife is vital to cut your miniature parts to your desired measurements. You require a single knife, but regularly you will need to change the blades because they might be blunt.

You require this knife to trim extra sprue components on model pieces, remove water slides and smoothen rough edges. This tool can also help get rid of mold lines.

Sprue cutters

This is another useful instrument when modeling miniature games. You use these spruce cutters to remove models from sprues, and cut plastic parts amongst others.

They come in many sizes, models and are affordable. However, try to choose something handy with a small edge and big nose.


Tweezers are another great option that is required when creating miniature games. These are small metals with great nose bends. They are great for aesthetic purposes and will make your modeling tools looks great.

However, there are bargain tweezers that will last longer than the so-called branded models. There are different kinds of tweezers like the grip type and closed type, depending on what miniature game you are modeling.


Drills are crucial equipment when making games like Infinity CodeOne and War hammer 40k. They are used when drilling out gun battles. These game gun barrels are plastic, but sometimes they aren’t molded.

Moreover, these tools can be used to drill holes when pinning your parts. These can be done to tightly attach metal parts and ensure it holds firmly.


These palettes are ideal for those painting directly from the pot. Also, it’s ideal for those interested in finesse and good finish. Failure to use a palette or primer will make the paint thick for smooth surfaces. You will require some which can blend with your bread.

Furthermore, ensure you thin palettes using clean water. There are cheap ones online which will do a good job, clean the surface to keep it smooth and fresh.

Miniature games require the best materials if you want an excellent and reliable design. Choosing the right modeling materials will help you develop a miniature game that will stand the test of time.

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